Support in the design process

Using state-of-the-art 3D CAD software, our engineering department can carry out part of, or even the entire design process for you.

Our specialised team of engineers and designers is experienced and skilled in the entire design process, from product design and optimisation, to the design of production moulds and jig. When and where needed, they are assisted by a wide network of specialists.


  • Full design of your product based on briefing and/or sketches.
  • Optimisation of product design for the production technique used.
  • Design of molds and templates for Injection, rotational moulding, vacuum forming,...
  • Design of casting models.
  • Modification of existing molds.
  • Reverse engineering based on 3D scans.
  • Preparation of production drawings and bill of materials.


On top of the expertise of our people, detailed project management and planning ensure that each project is carried out to the highest standards.
Good communication is indispensable for this. That is why we always communicate openly and frequently with the customer from the very first steps in a project.