Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

We are well aware of our role in society.
We know that we owe a lot to society, and we want to make a significant contribution in return.

The most important contribution we make is in employment.
Not only of our permanent staff but also the opportunities we offer to trainees and job students every year. Through our relationships with schools in the area, we employ several students. Sometimes this involves 1 or 2 days a week, in other cases it involves block placements.
This way, we can provide 4 to 5 students each year with a first job experience.

Our own people are also given the opportunity to expand their skills.
Through various internal and external training courses, they learn new techniques, are kept up to date with new products and materials, receive thorough safety instructions or can become proficient in support functions (fire safety, quality, forklift, etc.).

In the same vein, we give our support to several research projects in the field of production (or its improvement) in collaboration with universities, colleges and sector federations.

We also try to financially support a number of organisations every year. For instance, we have made cash deposits for local sports movements and the scouts, but also give student teams the opportunity to purchase their parts on favourable terms.

Nature and its conservation are also within our responsibility.
Unfortunately, we are an energy-intensive company and cannot ignore this for the time being.

We have nevertheless made significant investments to improve the energy level of our premises. In particular, in recent years we have significantly improved roof and window insulation and reduced the use of artificial lighting.
Wherever possible, we have replaced old motors with dynamic motors, which regulate their consumption according to the demand.

At quiet times (such as Christmas holidays), energy consuptions is cept to a minimum.

We are currently investigating rainwater harvesting and the installation of photovoltaic panels.