Our engineering department uses the most modern 3D CAD software to complete the full or partial engineering and design process for you.

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A team of experienced professionals, combined with a variety of machinery, ranging from state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machines to more classic machining centres, and a fully equipped workshop, ensure that no project is too challenging.

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From desired surface roughness to full functional testing of complex moulds, everything is taken care of to perfection by our team of highly skilled and experienced finishers.

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If your project not only revolves around milled parts, but also needs additional auxiliary equipment such as heating/cooling, pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders and so on, our industrialisation service is ready for you.

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Quality control

To continuously deliver high-quality products, strict quality control is indispensable.
Not only do we use 2D and 3D measurements for dimensional control, but also carry out functional checks to ensure that the product meets customer requirements.

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